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6 Most Common Advertising Mistakes That will Cost You Thousands of Dollars & Prevent You From Doubling or Tripling Your Response and How to Avoid Them!
Costly Mistake #1: Using Institutional Advertising
Probably the number one mistake businesses make is the use of Institutional or Image style advertising. I guess the main reason is that we are exposed it to it all the time, just about everywhere we go, so the assumption is that therefore it must work.
Consider the goals of Institutional advertising:
  • America is on the internet BUT virtually ALL of America has a phone!
An easy way to capitalize on the ever present phone is to use hotlines with toll free numbers. Here’s why they work…you can place small ads that basically get a readers attention and get them to call and get more information.
Studies show that a toll free number bumps response to your message AND you can bump response even more by attaching it to a recorded message. This works very well because people aren’t as afraid to respond to a recorded message because by definition they aren’t calling a salesperson.
Hey, a phone allows for information to go two ways, doesn’t it? That means it is dynamic!!
Any way, the take-away message here is that yes you should use the internet but don’t abandon the “old” proven technology that still brings in the big bucks.
Costly Mistake #4: Not Making an Offer
So, somebody has gone to your website and liked everything they read. Now what? Now, nothing if you haven’t made an offer!
Re-read that last sentence and commit it to memory. It’s that important.
You see everyone makes the same mistake when they assume that if the information you give out is good, if the description of your product or service is dead on, if we answer every question or reader has that the sale is a done deal.
Consider that car companies spend millions on full color brochures and provide videos that describe and explain things about their vehicles you’d never want to know unless you were building it yourself. And yet…they still require a sales force to get the sale done!
Sure, some sales will occur just because at any given point there are people in the marketplace looking to make a purchase and the first place the catches their eye will get their money. That is a tiny fraction of the money there is to be had.
Actually, car companies have a bunch of problems (like using Institutional Advertising) so perhaps they weren’t the best example but the obvious problem is that their information rarely makes an offer and if it does, it makes a weak one.
Don’t get lazy on this point. No offer means no reason to respond or give you money…that simple.
Costly Mistake #5: Not Testing
I am convinced that this mistake is something people do out of laziness. Here’s the best illustration of why it should be done — two ads with the same body copy, same offer, same price…yet one brings in a 1900% better response because of a different headline.
Did you get that?
Let me put it another way, if you were running an ad that cost you $500, would you care if it brought back $100 or $1900?
Which would you prefer?
Me too!!
But you would never know if there were a way to make your ad perform better if you weren’t testing.
  • So, what kinds of things should you test? A few things to start: Headlines
  • Prices
  • Offers
  • The PS
  • Lumpy mail
It is also important to track and test different media. By the way, my rule of thumb is that no media gets a commitment for more than a single run unless my tests show it works. That tip alone will save you thousands in wasted advertising costs.
Costly Mistake #6: Not Following-up
You do everything right —
You run direct response marketing
You use a dynamic website that captures information (by the way, our websites are so dynamic we don’t even call them websites — they are integral to our marketing and are therefore referred to as Internet Marketing Systems)
You use a toll free hotline
You make an offer and you TEST
But you still don’t make as much money as you should, why is that?
Simple. Not everyone you read and liked your information was ready and willing to buy at exactly that precise moment.
Now, if you nurture that relationship. Keep you and your company in front of them on a regular basis. Keep educating them. Keep them in the loop with what is going on.
Then when they are ready — YOU will be their only logical choice AND YOU will get their money!
You now know so much more than the average person and I have a lot more to share. So, if you’d like to learn more about how quick, easy and cost effective it is to incorporate these remedies to double and even triple your sales (guaranteed!).
I invite you to call us at 800-858-8889 and select option #2 to speak with one of our friendly Membership Consultants about your unique solution. There is no cost or obligation but call now before our lines light up like a Christmas tree from all the people who want to make this new year the best ever for their business!!