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Connect And Engage With Buyers And Sellers

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AMS’ Real Estate Marketing Systems addresses the all too familiar challenges that Agents face in their day-to-day marketing in just two easy steps.

Step 1 (Print Marketing): This effective tool is used in your offline marketing pieces such as postcards, newsletters, property yard signs, etc. When you add a recorded message line as your call-to-action, you not only increase your brand authority as a trusted home advisor, but you eliminate the repetitious questions and tire-kickers from eating up your valuable time. Our ready-to-use, pre-scripted hotline will have you connecting with your most valuable prospective Buyers (and Sellers) – while they’re motivated – and engaging in live, meaningful conversations when THEY are available! Reduce call-backs and unanswered voicemail! Doesn’t that sound ideal?!

But what about those pesky hang-ups? Read on to Step Two

Step 2 (Web Marketing): This online tool provides a you with a second opportunity to capture those drive-by yard sign callers, postcard/newsletter recipients, etc. who may not have left a message or refuse to pick up your calls. Our done-for-you lead capture pages are used with your Facebook, Google, Craigs List, Kijiji (or any other online advertising platform) ads and provides the prospective buyer and sellers a means to request additional information – sent directly to their email – giving you another way to contact them.

Here’s how both steps work together:

A prospective client has read your ad and/or seen your yard sign and decides to respond via phone. They dial your pre-scripted hotline number and enter in the unique 4-digit ID code to hear a recording describing your ad campaign or property details. While listening, they’ve decided then and there they want the information/promotion you are offering! By simply entering “0” they are able to connect to you directly, engaging with you while they’re motivated and never having to wait for a callback…

But it doesn’t stop there…

AMS’ call capture can send additional information through text, all while they are listening to your offline ad campaign! This two step process gives you the ability to “push” updates, price changes or even inform your prospect of your business hours! Your unique SMS message can include a call-back number that makes you a simple ‘tap’ away; as well as a web link to an online version of your campaign! Talk about all encompassing! You just gave yourself a second opportunity to capture the lead!

And the best part? You don’t need to pay expensive coaching/membership fees to use it!

Have questions? Give us a call at 1-800-858-8889 and speak with one of our friendly Membership Consultants, today!