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AMS is happy to announce...

Our Hotline systems now integrate your hard-earned, hotline leads into the Real Estate CRM and Transaction Management plaftorm of Wise Agent. The best part is that you don’t need to be a tech-guru to set it up! Get control of your Real Estate leads and start pluging the holes in your follow-up system in just two simple steps!
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Start Your 30 Day RISK-FREE Trial:

Start advertising your AMS Realtor Hotline today with our 30 Day RISK-FREE Trial! We’re waiving the activation (A $197 savings!) and you only pay the low monthly fee of $49.95/mth, no contracts required! Capture your leads offline AND send an SMS to gether additional lead info online!

Sign up today with Wise Agent for your 30 Days Full-Access FREE – no credit card required. Then Only Pay $29.00/mth, no contracts required. An affordable, yet robust Real Estate CRM & Transacion Management system!