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[WEBINAR] Join Hotline Kickstart Live Training Session

You’re Invited: Join AMS on our weekly ‘Hotline Kickstart’ Webinar Get started with your AMS 800 Recorded Message Toll Free hotline system as offered to you through the Craig Proctor Quantum Leap program… So you’ve got yourself a hotline – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re likely asking yourself “What do I do now“?  This is where we come in…Whether you’re new to the system, or a long-time AMS customer just looking...

How Did a Simple Marketing Tool Take Real Estate Agent from Rags to Riches?

This week we’re going to introduce you to a Q&A we did with top renowned real estate coach Craig Proctor. If you’re not familiar with Craig, he is one of the most successful Real Estate coaches of our time. Craig took his own struggling real estate career and built a system, a system that he copied, perfected and taught to over 30,000 Quantum Leap Members. Click Here to Watch the Webinar Here are few things we talk about on this webinar: Craig’s...

Leads are not Conversations

Like every good marketing tool there must be a solid proven marketing strategy behind it. Real estate agents just starting out, or experienced agents starting up again, looking for a different way of doing things to help generate and convert more leads to clients, are likely going to need some guidance along the way. Access FREE Real Estate Money-Making Strategies and Tips! AMS’ toll free recorded message hotlines for Real Estate agents have proven to be so effective...

Have You Made (at least) 1 of these 4 Mistakes?

When you sit back and think about it, what is $5,000.00 in Commissions? In today’s market, it represents 1 or 2 deals at the most, correct? Now, to achieve that, how many qualified prospects do you need to attract to get those 2 deals in a month? If you really understand this, THEN you really know your closing rate on GOOD, QUALIFIED PROSPECTS. Now understand this – I am not talking about someone that has a pulse and you said hello to 6 months ago — I’m talking about...