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Talk To Motivated Buyer and Sellers

Have you ever wanted to generate a constant stream of new “Grade A” Motivated Buyer and Seller leads into your pipeline? Well now is the time to enhance your “lead capture” system to one that is allowing Agents to have meaningful, perfectly timed, LIVE conversations with prospects. Visualize this scenario… A prospective Buyer is in front of your sign rider on a listing. From their smartphone, they dial your toll free hotline number and enter in the...

Turn Website Visits Into Buyer and Seller Leads

Are you getting the most value from your website?  Be it Buying or Selling, each prospect has a unique reason for visiting but did you know for most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit?  What happens to the remaining 98%? If I told you AMS has a way that allows you to gain better insights, reach audiences in new ways, and develop improved marketing campaigns so your prospects have a better overall web experience for mere pennies on the dollar,...

Generate New Prospects

…And Do It EVERY SINGLE WEEK?? Well, let me guarantee you that it is possible. Using Hotlines alone, Craig Proctor regularly generated 200+ prospects every week, and he did this without making a Single Cold Call. Impressed? You should be! Craig Generated Over 500 Calls in the Average Week… Each Week Craig Generated About 180 Leads for Future Business and almost 20 Leads of Ready-To-Act Buyers and Sellers… Want Proof Something As Simple As A Hotline Can...

10 Common Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

We all make mistakes but in business, one mistake can quickly translate into thousands of dollars worth of lost sales. In this fast-paced report “10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them Using A Lead Management System” you’ll learn how to avoid these mistakes as well as: How you can generate a Constant Stream of Leads without dramatically increasing the time or money you invest in your lead generation. How you can increase the value of your...