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Showing you the love…

Time For A Little Lovin’! Hey there, As you already know, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Everyone you value and cherish is expecting something special from you. And ‘special’ usually means expensive. After all, a greeting card alone could cost you $5. That’s $5 per client to say “I appreciate you.” – Why not just say it?! The next best thing to a greeting card or face-to-face delivery is a personal phone call. AMS’...

A More Profitable Way Of Marketing

This time of year schedules are tight and time is more precious than ever, we get that. But in between the holiday chaos and family gatherings we know that the mind of a small business owner doesn’t rest. For this reason, we’re offering up our Get Optimal Results Using Facebook Advertising webinar as an encore presentation. Put yourself ahead of your competition and jumpstart your marketing in 2018! Watch the encore presentation now. During this call, Amy and...

Facebook Advertising For Your Business

In North America alone, Facebook has 239 million monthly users…With the amount of opportunity that’s out there, you need to narrow down your target when it comes to advertising or you will blow through your budget in no time flat. AMS can help you tighten the audience that reflects your true business and we’ve got 3 campaigns that we can share with you. Now, in case you missed our original invitation, we would like for you to join us on our upcoming webinar...