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Generate a Constant Stream Of Leads, Using the Power of Recorded Messages!



We aren’t going to bore you by repeating the concept of lead generation to explode your business… as you certainly know it backwards and forwards. But, we do want you to think about how you get your leads, and how they get processed… so you make maximum money with minimum hassles and time!

Let’s start by imagining this scene (based on a true story) about a direct marketer’s explosion of her business:

…Carol was pleased with the way her direct marketing business was going. She had finally found a headline and ad that was bringing her a bunch of leads each week. After much testing, she was now getting leads at a cost of only $23 each. She was sending out free information about her products to the leads, and mailing them seven times before giving up. She was converting 9% of the leads to deals, which was enough for her to be just above break even!
So, while she was doing OK, she wondered if she could do better.
Her new voice mail company was capturing her leads for her. They were transcribing the callers’ info, and emailing it to her every day. Carol was pretty satisfied with this… until her marketing advisor asked her the million dollar question: “What’s your hang-up rate from callers to your recorded message?”
Carol didn’t know. She didn’t even know it was an issue. She just assumed that the leads she was getting were about all there was. Little did she know…
When she contacted her recorded message company, they told her that, yes, you can push some buttons on the phone and find out what your hang-up rate is. No, you can’t get any detailed statistics except for once a month, but at least you can get an idea by using the push buttons on your phone.
Carol was shocked to discover that less than half of the callers were leaving messages. More than half were hanging up! …and most of the hang-ups were at about 30 seconds. She immediately changed her message (paying particular attention to the first 30 seconds) per her mentor’s instructions, and discovered her hang-up rate could be cut to only two out of ten hanging up, with 80% leaving their contact info!
Now, her lead cost was reduced to just
under $12, and she’s making way more money! Too bad she didn’t “hook up” with the right automated marketing company from the beginning. See, in today’s advanced technology world, there’s simply no excuse for not using a truly state-of-the-art automated marketing company as your money making partner. None.
For example, there’s no reason not to be able to go to a secure web site, and look at any or all of your marketing statistics on-line, in real-time, and watch what’s going on like a hawk!
Yes, if you’re not working with us, Automated Marketing Solutions, Inc. …you aren’t with the right company! You need to be using the ONLY  automated marketing company that knows EXACTLY what you need, and delivers it with the leading edge of technology!

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