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67 mins

Rick Brash & Why Hotlines Are Still Important In Today’s Economy
Listen and watch as Rick discusses why hotlines are still so important!

  • Why you should give the prospect a “choice”
  • The importance of a multi-layered approach to marketing
  • The importance of scripting
  • Why should I use both hotlines and websites in my marketing? Why not just one or the other?
  • And More!!

48 mins

Craig Proctor & Staying Successful in a Poor Economy
Listen and watch as Craig addresses some of the major concerns and how he’s managing to thrive, not just keep afloat!

  • The history of the relationship between Craig Proctor and Mike Kowalski, President, Automated Marketing Solutions
  • How Craig manages to use two different hotlines, for two different jobs. Craig describes how these different hotlines work, and how they affect lead generation
  • Why doesn’t the hotline work in my area?
  • Why should I use both hotlines and websites in my marketing? Why not just one or the other?
  • And More!!
151 47 mins

Ask Rick Brash Your Most Burning Questions About Hotlines

  • How Did Rick Get Involved with Hotlines and with AMS
  • How the Different Hotline Types Work, and Why
  • Key Elements in Scripting
  • Tracking Your ROI
  • And More
151 47 mins

Jim Casey Talks About Lead Generation and Incubation

  • Lead Incubation and Follow Up
  • Contact Management and Building Your Database
    Segmenting Your Database
  • Tracking, Reporting and Split Testing
  • Difference between a Contact Management System & Lead Incubation System
  • How to get leads from your Lead Incubation (Management) System to your Contact Management System

28 mins

Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients and Prospects Using Voice Broadcasting & AMS’ Lead Management System

  • Building Client Relationships Through Voice Broadcasting
  • Using Voice Broadcasting With Your Lead Management System
  • When And How to Use Voice Broadcasting
  • Voice Broadcasting Tips

60 mins
New To AMS’ Hotline System?? View This “Getting Started” Video For Valuable Training!!

  • What To Do First
  • How & When Do I Use the Information Hotline?
  • What is a USP/Property Tree & How Can It Generate More Leads For Me?
  • How Can I Be Sure To Know When Someone Has Requested Information From Me?
  • Voice Broadcasting – The Hidden Secret To DOUBLING Your Business
  • How to Avoid Getting Stuck In the Same Routine Now That You’re Home
  • And Much More!

30 mins

Sneak Peak of Quantum Leap Superconference Presentation!!!!

  • Check Out Our Presentation From One of Craig’s Recent SuperConferences
  • Listen in as Jim Casey & Craig Proctor Talk About AMS Technology and View Jim’s Presentation

60 mins

Listen In As Mike Kowalski Interviews Three Different Agents and How Hotlines Have Benefitted Them

  • Stories of Success
  • How They’re Using Hotline Technology to Leverage Their Business
  • What Hotlines They’re Using and How
  • What Campaigns Are Working Best In Their Area And How Do They Know This
  • Where They’re Advertising & How Much Are They Spending
  • How They’ve Personally Benefitted From AMS Services

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60 mins

Ask Mike & Rick
On this webinar, we had different KW Agents ask their most pressing questions about Real Estate Today, and Mike Kowalski, President of Automated Marketing Solutions, and Rick Brash, fellow Keller Williams agent answered all of them.
Here’s a quick list of some of the things we covered:

  • What’s The Big Deal with Social Media and How Does it Work? Why is it so Important to Marketing Today?
  • Online Advertising: What Should I Be Doing? What Sites Should I Use? What’s Google PPC?
  • Automated Marketing Solutions (AMS) Created a Special Program/Product Specifically for Keller Williams Agents. What’s It All About?
  • What Are the Eight Campaigns That You Addressed in Your Product and Why?
  • How And Why is This Different From Our Current Contact Management Software And Why Shouldn’t I Just Use My Existing?
  • What’s a Hotline And Why Would I Need One?
  • And More….

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60 mins

Lead Generation on Steroids
On This Call That We Conducted in October, we Introduced AMS’ Brand-New Keller-Williams Product and How It Can Help You