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Automated Marketing Solutions makes you so much
money…They ought to be called
Automated Money Making Solutions!

don’t take our word for it:


“Last year I sold 500 homes working less than 40 hrs a week and that would be impossible without AMS and their technology.”
“Thanks to AMS, my life is fun, easy and profitable. Best of all, the freedom you’ve given me through your technology has allowed me complete control of my life, my business, and most importantly my income. Now every single day I’m thrilled to come to work because it doesn’t even feel like work and what more could you ask for?”
DAN GRIFFEN JR. – Hyannis,

“People don’t have that intimidation factor…they’re
excited to call in, they’re excited to listen… It’s an enormous part
of what we do; it’s in all of our advertising for our
TIM HODGIN – Baltimore, MD
“I just started using AMS a few months ago and I
already have about 12 or 14 quality leads. I was amazed at how many people left
messages for me to call them back. Using the online component to AMS makes lead
tracking and follow-up much easier.”
NORMA ELKINS – Morristown,
“I had been in the real estate business only a couple
of months when I attended my first Craig Proctor half day seminar in Nashville
with Brian Moses as the speaker.  WOW!!! At that time, the big super
conference was only a week away in Denver, but I knew I had to hear more, so
within a week I had made reservations and arrived in Denver on schedule – the
conference was so motivating!!!
I signed up for the hotlines and immediately began using them when I got back
from the conference.  Within 2 months, I had 5 sales transactions,
and 15 qualified clients that I am working with!  I love my
JUSTIN HOFFMANN – Re/Max Realty 100
“AutoMS has allowed our team to organize our advertising process and ultimately work with many more clients efficiently in a shorter period of time. The pre-recorded voice scripts make it easy to copy and organize on our end. Tracking where our leads are coming from is a breeze, and saves money by pin-pointing the most profitable sources to advertise in. The
quick emails we receive when prospects call our hotline really put the ‘Auto’ in AutoMS.
I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking to explode their business and can appreciate a tool that allows focus on follow-up and not paperwork. Plain and simple, AMS equals more time for clients and ultimately, better client relations.”
“Dear AMS:
In response to your request of my experience with AMS, please accept my sincere apologies, but I must decline your request.
It’s not that I don’t want to reply but I just don’t have the time…I am simply too busy working all these leads!I’d love to tell you how pleased I am with the results of the AMS Hotline
but I just don’t have the time!I would also let you know that in these 3 months since I started my team (Friday April 13th) after the Dallas Super Conference we have grown to 5 agents and that thanks, in large part, to our AMS Hotlines.I have generated enough QUALITY Leads to keep them all quite busy…but, of course I can’t because I just don’t have the time!So again, please accept my sincere apologies, otherwise I would let you know that I am not a newcomer to a hotline.I have used one of your competitors for years…there is no competition,
the AMS Hotline blows the “P” hotline away with, the customer
service, the very effective customer interface (Automated Agent), the
training…I could go on, but there’s only 24 hours in a day,

“We just took two listings on because of the response on our
hotline and the two listings combined are over 2 MILLION
“I have 30 or 40 messages to return every single Monday morning, what a way to start the week! Absolutely the best tool you could
have… 70% of all my listings are coming from the AMS


“The AMS hotlines have made my life easier…It cuts your work…now I’m just returning calls from serious buyers and sellers… It’s not like a job… At least 50% increase in the business through the AMS hotlines.”
ERIC PUTOTO – Kamloops, BC
“We get anywhere from 60 to 80 requests per month…We’ve got more leads than we know what to do with… Our challenge is keeping up with the leads.”
JEFF TAYLOR – Charlotte, NC

“The AMS hotlines have given me the leverage to get in contact with the people that…want information without me being involved with it at all….I have all this information captured in a systemized report…It’s not just a hotline and a number…I’m talking with hundreds of
people and yet I’m not talking with any of them
Kamuela, HI
They work for us 24 hours a day, they capture the names and telephone numbers and interests of prospective buyers and sellers… allows us to follow up at our leisure and allows us to not let people slip through the cracks”
MARK OTTINGER – St. Charles,

We don’t have to be at the beck and call of the
…we get more phone calls based on the fact that they do not have to talk with an agent…”
“You just take those leads, you call them and it turns into
business… I couldn’t imagine the business without the website or
without the phone tree


They’ve been tremendously successful; I can’t see operating without them… adding 5 to 7 transactions per
TAMMY HOLDEN – Long Beach,
I can track how many calls I’m getting from each ad so I know which ones to continue running and which ones not to run
…It weeds out some of the  people because we do get a lot of hang-up calls… The AMS hotlines encourage people to leave their name, address, phone number.”

TED DAWES – Rodondo Beach,

“They have definitely improved the  response level…The
hotlines have been creating activity that’s going to be more than double my previous activity
DOREEN PHILLIPS – Fredericksburg,
Used the hotlines for about 2 1/2 years now, and it has generated thousands of leads…gives out all the information for me without me being there. I record something one time and then I’m done.
I’ll have the hotline forever.”
FRANK BELL – Springfield, MA
“The system is just incredible. I contribute the majority of my
business through that…get numerous leads, calls every single day.
It’s simple to use, it’s cost effective to use…highly
recommend it to everyone else who wants to take the next step forward. Top notch technology
DANNY HALL – Staten Island,
“I get an average 2% more commission on my listings that I
contribute to AMS Hotlines. The  Hotlines allow me to generate an inflow of
buyers…it’s a great, great system…it has doubled my
business in the last year.”
“The AMS Hotlines have helped my business  incredibly…my leads
have grown from 35 to over 400 per month using AMS Hotlines. It always
knows what to say, it’s always on, it’s not tired, and it gives the
exact same information
JASON PITT – Charlottetown,
“With the AMS Hotlines, I have made more money in less time. It allows me to do a lot more  marketing then I was able to do…my
business has tripled in the last year using AMS
“I have to honestly say using both the Tree and Information Lines have changed my life  dramatically…I got over 1500 leads in the first month using AMS Hotlines. I cannot imagine running a business without the 800
lines… the flexibility is tremendous.”