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Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a technology that adds a “Personal Touch”.

Technology is here to make all of our lives easier but it also makes all of our lives a lot more isolated. The key to having strong, lasting client relationships is YOU! It’s your personal touch, your voice and the way you care about your prospects and clients. Unfortunately, the busier we get the harder it is to give that personal touch to everyone. Voice Broadcasting gives the feel and illusion of you and that is the key! When your clients get the voice message on their machine, it’s your message, in your voice just as if you had personally called each and every person on your list.

Voice Broadcasting is a system that will make your job easier by getting your message out to multiple people at the same time with very little effort on your part. Its technology that gives you reports on its results! Measuring the results of every marketing effort you make is essential and our Voice Broadcasting service allows you to do just that. It provides easy to understand reports showing you the success rate of your distribution list, how many live answers you received, how many unsuccessful attempts, etc. With this information you will be able to constantly improve your database and your results.

Use Voice Broadcasting to Stay in Front of Your Prospects and Customers Maintain Your Past Client Base: In an industry where such a large percentage of your new business comes from old business, it only makes sense that you make the effort to maintain a good strong relationship with your client base – and Voice Broadcasting will allow you to do just that. Imagine leaving a personalized message for every single past client during the holiday season. This method of staying in touch is so much more personal than sending a calendar once a year – and therefore more effective! It’s that simple!

Follow Up With Less Motivated Prospects: You’re so busy following up with those prospects that seem highly motivated that you don’t have time to follow up with the others…but THEY are prospects too! Imagine sending a message out to every single person you’ve talked to or sent information to just to let them know you’re available to help them with any information or service they may need.

Keep Prospects HOT: How many times have you lost a prospect because you haven’t had the time to follow up with them often enough, or in a timely enough fashion? If it’s once, it’s too many. With Voice Broadcasting never let a prospect go cold again! Send a message out to all your prospects every week or two, letting them know that you’re still available to help them.

Make your Direct Mail Pieces More Effective: We all know that most people open their mail over the garbage – and if they don’t recognize your name, or they suspect you’re in “sales” your piece will hit the garbage long before it’s read. So let your target market know you’re sending them important information… with one simple message you will have gotten your piece at least twice the attention than by simply sending it out cold… potentially doubling your profits!

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