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Become the Trusted Agent in Your Local Real Estate Market and provide ‘Next Level’ service.

Lately our clients in the Real Estate field have expressed to us their challenges in obtaining ‘responsive’ Buyers and Sellers for their business.

Naturally after hearing the repetitiveness of this behaviour, AMS decided to dig a little deeper into the root of the problem.  What we found was that your potential Buyers & Sellers are simply starting to feel like nothing more than another name on a long list of many…

The lack of human interaction and personal touches have desensitized your prospects to the point where avoidance is their primary coping mechanism.  They’re no longer picking up phone calls or opening emails despite you leaving countless messages and exhausting all your means of available contact methods.

This leaves you with a feeling of your own – frustration.

Well, this is where AMS fits in…

By booking a free, 15 minute Consultation we can work with you to cease the feelings experienced by both you and your prospective clients.  We help agents get directly in front of motivated prospects, allowing them to have live, meaningful conversations with ready-to-act quality Buyers and Sellers.

Using a proven marketing strategy based on our 7-Step Marketing Automation Plan (M.A.P.) alongside our suite of technology tools, you’ll continuously build your database, keeping your pipeline full and prospects engaged.  No longer will your efforts go ignored, and you’ll begin building a reputation of someone who is a Trusted Authority in your Real Estate market.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by allowing AMS to help you and/or your marketing staff strategically plan out your sales and marketing goals.  Let us help you create a plan for success!

We provide full training on all of our marketing strategies and tools. We can consult with you on a regular basis to recommend to you best ways to use our automation tools to capture and convert more leads, grow sales and save time.

We can also assist you and your company on methods to measure your marketing success, discuss areas for improvement and introduce new methodologies.

Book your FREE 15 minute Consultation today!

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