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Toll Free Hotlines

AMS’ Real Estate 800 Toll Free Recorded Message Hotlines offer realtors a way to provide off-line information to a prospect in a non-threatening way. These hotlines help agents to sift, sort and pre-qualify leads through carefully crafted pre-recorded scripts, a line that never gives a busy signal, unique notification features and an extensive set of statistical tracking reports; ensuring you get the most bang for your marketing efforts.

The following two types of Hotlines are offered with the AMS System:

The Starter Hotline (Less Branded)

The Unbranded or Less Branded Starter Hotline uses a non-threatening approach that works in conjunction with any Classified and Editorial Style ads. Your ads attract prospects by offering them FREE INFORMATION (generally a report) on the topics they are interested in (for example, “Buyer Traps”). If you provide legitimate and valuable information, the prospect will see that you are a resource for answers to their burning real estate related questions. An important point to note on the Starter Hotline is that it never identifies you as an agent, or your company and instead works like a free information service line.

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The Success Hotline (Branded)

The Branded Success Line lets you market your Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s) and your Property Listings. Your main greeting on this line will introduce you as the agent and will offer your prospects a list of your USP options with single digit access. With the unlimited ability to branch back and forth between mailboxes/extensions, your prospects also have the option of transferring to you live wherever you are. What could be better than a live conversation?

With the Success Line, not only will prospects be given the option of listening to the service options and USPs you offer, but at any time they can enter a 4-digit ID# of one of your property listings. This system, unlike the Starter Hotline, will give your prospects every reason to talk to you directly.

Never be left out in the cold. These hotlines come with a couple of very useful notification features. Know within minutes that someone has listened to one of your listings or USPs or left you a voice message. The Enhanced notification feature is impressive when dealing with FSBO’s and the Mobile Enhanced Notification feature can send a text message automatically to your prospects as they are listening to one of your listing scripts giving you yet another chance at providing that prospect with valuable information.

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