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800 Number Recorded Message Toll Free Hotlines

AMS provides three types of 800 series toll free Lead Generation Hotlines all of which provide callers with pre-recorded information. Using these Systems allows you to sift and sort incoming prospects. With this non-threatening technology you will attract 3 to 10 times the number of prospects you currently average. An added bonus is the fact it will monitor and track all your marketing mediums, saving you thousands of dollars that you would have spent on ineffective ad placement or ad campaigns.

Value Added Services:

A variety of options are offered with the Toll Free Services including: having hundreds of mail boxes, automatic Caller Line ID, statistical analysis reporting, transcription of messages with e-mail delivery, script recording and fax on demand.

The Lead Generation Hotline

This hotline is, quite simply, a toll-free number with one mailbox for you to record your message, and has the functionality for the caller to leave a message, or transfer to your office (if using the Find-Me Feature). Perfect if you are using the hotline for only one advertising source or as a fax removal line.

The Information or Multi-Lead Generation Hotline

This system gives you 100 mailboxes which you access with a 4-digit ID #, and is designed to work in conjunction with emotional direct response editorial or classified style ads. Since this line is a “non-branded” hotline it is the perfect way to generate and maintain your client base in a non-threatening way.

The USP Tree or Tree Hotline

The tree system also gives you the availability of 100 mailboxes, 9 of which can be accessed with a single-digit option, allowing the caller to branch back and fourth through your system freely. The Tree system’s flexibility it is the perfect tool to market your Special Services. The Tree system is the only system AMS offer’s that allows such flexibility for your prospect calling the hotline.

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