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Mobile Responsive Buyer/Seller Landing Pages

Using AMS’ Mobile Responsive Buyer/Seller Landing Pages in tandem with a Toll Free Hotline that has SMS push-to-caller capability, Real Estate Agents are now receiving a 2nd chance to capture their prospects and convert them to a highly qualified lead!

When a call is placed to your AMS hotline and the prospect does not leave you a voice message, our system has the ability to send a customizable SMS TEXT message immediately to their smart phone device. This SMS can provide a short message and single-click access to your landing page url (think ‘tweet’ before the limit increase).  Our landing pages are mobile-responsive designs therefore delivering a perfectly-formatted lead-capture page for the prospect.  Here you give your lead an opt-in form to provide you with additional info pertinent to what they are looking for, such as a list of similar priced homes or information on your unique selling proposition (USP).  Not only did you capture the caller id when they dialed into your hotline (name/address capture where applicable), but you’ve got even more information that came in on your online form!

AMS’ Mobile Responsive Buyer/Seller Landing Pages are available for both your Buyer and Seller campaigns.  This tested and perfected templates have provided results that will keep your lead funnel active!

Buyer pages include:
First Time Home Buyers, Moving Up, Premier Home Search and Distress Sales.

Seller pages include:
Facing Foreclosure, Home Evaluation, Luxury Homes and Area Home Sales.

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