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Mobile Responsive Buyer/Seller Landing Pages

With AMS’ Mobile Landing Pages and USP Property Tree hotline with SMS Mobile connect, Real Estate Agents receive a second chance for prospects to become a viable lead. If a prospect calls your AMS hotline and does not leave a message, a TEXT message can be sent to their Smart Phone immediately which can provide a short message or single-click access to a fully optimized Mobile Video Landing Page. The landing page arrives perfectly formatted for their phone and encourages them to provide you with more information pertinent to what they are looking for, such as a list of similar priced homes or information on your USP.

AMS’ Mobile Landing Pages come in two different options, a personal video or our whiteboard video version and they are available for both Buyer and Seller campaigns.

Buyer pages include:
First Time Home Buyers, Moving Up, Premier Home Search and Distress Sales.

Seller pages include:
Facing Foreclosure, Home Evaluation, Luxury Homes and Area Home Sales.

To find out more on how you can use Buyer or Seller Mobile Landing Pages with AMS USP Property Tree to expand your business, book a consultation below: