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Retargeting For Real Estate Agents

The key to converting your website visitors into Buyers and Sellers is having your message consistently in front of them! Get a second chance at delivering your message and converting your hard earned leads.

In most types of advertising you don’t convert leads the first time the prospect sees something from you. AMS’ Retargeting service can help you in advertising to everyone who has visited your website. It’s as simple as this.  While prospects are surfing other sites across the web your banner ad (that includes a clear call-to-action) can appear, encouraging them to come back and request your free reports.  Like every other good marketing campaign it starts to build trust and familiarity and keeps you and your message in front of them.  Staying in front of your prospects and customers is key.  It encourages them to go back to your website for more!  With a compelling banner ad, it gets prospects wondering what they missed when they were on your website the first time. AMS’ RETARGETING service can help you find your ‘Grade A’ leads by delivering the right message, at the right time, to the RIGHT PROSPECT for just pennies on the dollar!

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