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Webinar Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Have you ever paid noticed to how Industry Experts and Marketing Gurus encourage you to join one of their events or entice you to buy something from them? It typically starts by inviting you to join them on a WEBINAR that they will be hosting.

How many times have you seen something on Facebook that you were interested in and then joined a webinar to see how much more you can find out?

By booking yourself a 15-minute Consultation Call with one of our Marketing Strategists, you can discuss:

  • The benefits of adding this powerful often overlooked marketing method to your conversion arsenal
  • How industry experts turn a simple presentation into paying customers
  • How to connect and engage your existing database with content they want to know more about
  • Ideas on how to increase your webinar attendance numbers just by inviting an industry expert onto your webinar with you
  • Learn the best methods to setting up your own webinar; what system to use, how much content, how to get people to your webinar, etc.


Here is your chance to join that elite group of people already seeing the benefits of implementing this powerful tool in their marketing regime;