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AMS is happy to announce...

Working in tandem with Craig over twenty years, AMS now offers a real estate hotline system of our very own, and the best part is that you don’t need to be a Craig Proctor member to use it.
Realtor Hotline
  • 1 Toll Free Recorded Message Hotline with 1,000 Mailboxes
  • Pre-recorded Real Estate Scripts (Tested AND Proven)
  • Unlimited Inbound Toll Usage
  • Message Notification to Agent (Email or Text)
  • WhitePages Look-up (Name and Address of Prospect Reverse-Directory)
  • Speak Directly to Agent (Press '0' Find-Me Feature)
  • Message Notification to Lead (SMS)
  • Online, Easy-to-Use Reporting System
  • Unlimited Membership Product Training & Support
  • No Long-Term Contract Or Commitment