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Announcing A True BREAKTHROUGH! Discover How To Get New Prospects Using Personalized, Turn-Key, Lead Generating…
Internet Marketing System!
Make Money From The Internet, Even If You Know Squat About Computers! Read About New State-Of-The-Art, Real Direct Response Web Sites!
Dear Marketing Maniac:
Hi! We’re going to explain the remarkable Internet marketing breakthrough for marketers like yourself in just a minute. Please keep reading, because you’re really going to love what you hear.
But first, I’d like you picture this scene. Let’s say you’re in the investment industry. A 46-year old woman from Peoria, Cheryl, just inherited some money. It’s her first chance to really start saving for her future — but she has no idea where to begin. Right now her money is sitting in a regular, run of the mill savings account — doing NOTHING! She keeps hearing her friends talk about their “portfolios” and how their “return on investment” and realizes she need help. That night, while she’s out with a few friends, she asks them how they know where to put their money to make it work for them.
Steve tells Cheryl about his amazing financial investor, Sarah Jones…
“She’s an absolute miracle worker… not only does she have my money working for me (and trust me, she does… I earned a 14% return this year)… but she helped me devise an investment plan I’m comfortable with. Better yet, she explained it to me in a way I understood… and trust me, two years ago I was in the same position as you!! I got referred to Sarah by Dave… you know him, Mr. Finance himself actually has his own financial planner. Anyways, I got home and checked out Sarah’s website, and I loved what I saw. I mean, she may not be the right person for you, but you should check out her site. It’s www.sarahfinancial.com.
Cheryl types in “www.sarahfinancial.com”, and up Sarah Jones’ personalized web site…well, not just a website but an
Internet Marketing System
Cheryl was thrilled to find out Sarah had a web presence, because she HATES calling up businesses and she hates it even more when she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about — it’s just too intimidating. She LOVES going on-line to see what’s what without having to talk to any pushy salespeople or having to ask a million questions on the phone to an assistant! The web has changed her life, and gives her exactly what she wants…information she can get any time, day or night, without talking to anyone or feeling any pressure!
Cheryl clicks into the site, and in a few seconds, she sees Sarah’s home page pop up. She sees her picture, and headlines for free information. She’s really interested, especially because she can learn more about the financial world without having to talk to anyone. She is immediately intrigued by the teaser copy on the site, and clicks on the headline for first time investors.
Cheryl now sees an ad for a free report. She scans the ad, and what she reads is hitting home with her. She is emotionally impacted by the copy, because it describes her life, her fear of the financial world and her worries about her future. She resonates with the copy, and is mentally shaking her head up and down in the “yes” mode.
When Cheryl gets to the end of the ad, she is more than compelled to click into the free info request button. She sees she can get the information IMMEDIATELY via email. Because she’s so excited, curious and interested about what she’s read, she wants to know more RIGHT NOW. She types in her email address, and clicks
A few minutes later, she sees she has a message in her email in box. She clicks into it, and reads the report right then and there. She’s amazed at what she reads, and is getting mad that she’s waited all this time to start investing when it turns out she didn’t need a fortune to begin. She prints the report out, and takes it to bed, to read it again.
In the morning, she takes the report with her, and when she gets to the office, she calls Sarah Jones’ office, and schedules a FREE, no obligation consultation with Sarah that was offered on the website and in the report. Cheryl has never been to a Financial Planner, and she’s still a bit nervous. However, she realizes that:
  1. Retirement is getting closer and closer and she’s not prepared.
  2. She really doesn’t have the time, or the expertise to start investing herself… and leaving her money where it is isn’t going to help her retire.
After visiting Sarah Jones’ website, and reading her free info, Cheryl is receptive to new ideas, and decides that she has little to lose, since the first consultation is free, and that the report made so much sense, it was worth a trip over to Sarah’s office….the Internet Marketing System worked like a charm!
When she comes in and meets Sarah, she’s open to what she has to say… in fact she really likes it. She decides to let Sarah help her invest the money she inherited… and she sets up an automated investment plan putting away a few hundred dollars each month with Sarah’s help and advise. All from one hit to
www.sarahfinancial.com, a turn-key
DIRECT RESPONSE web site or Internet Marketing System
as we call it (because it does so much more than a website)!
All from a woman who checks things out on-line these days, and basically feels that if what she wants to find can’t be found on-line…then she doesn’t deal with it!
Cheryl, like over 100 million Americans, looks on-line first! Even though Cheryl’s no kid, she’s been on-line for three years now, and uses her (and her kids’) computer at least once a day. And when she does, she’s going into her email, and checking things out on the web! She…is YOUR client! She…is a client Sarah Jones (AND YOU) would not have gotten if you were not on-line with an Internet Marketing System! She…is the way things are going to be from now on! She…is YOUR BUSINESS!

She Gets Your Emotionally Responsive Reports And Newsletter Automatically Via E-Mail! YOU Don’t Have To Do, Or Pay Anything For Her To Get It!
(Email Marketing Costs Nothing…No Printing, No Postage!)

When Cheryl checks her e-mail a few days later, she finds Sarah Jones’ Financial Monthly Newsletter waiting for her. When she was in the office, Sarah asked her if she wanted the regular (snail) mail version of the Patient Newsletter, or the email version. Cheryl chose email, because it gives her more freedom, and if she needs a hard copy she can always print it off.
“Wow”, Cheryl says to herself. “This really IS the information superhighway. How did I ever get along without it before?”
If this story sounds good, and it should… it’s because you are finally going to have the opportunity to be that financial investor — or any other service provider that Cheryl found on the internet! Best of all, you barely have to know how to use a computer to get this incredible marketing machine working for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, AUTOMATICALLY!!!
Now I’m not going to tell you that this internet Marketing System does everything for you… but it does a lot. It automatically sends out reports you have loaded, it’ll send an email blast with your newsletter or any special offer of deal you want to let your “on-line” prospects and clients know about. Of course, you’ll have to check your email, and the log of all those prospects who requested information so you can follow up with them… but you don’t mind following up with prospects who’ve already raised their hands and shouted “Hey… I’m interested, come get me” now do you?? So while you have to do some of the work, this Internet Marketing System is set up to do a lot of the initial work for you!!
Now, let’s go back to our scenario for a minute…
On the other end, there’s Sarah Jones, our financial consultant. She was pretty skeptical about using an Internet Marketing System at first… she doesn’t know a ton about computers… she can use a few simple programs like Word, and she knows how to check and send email… but running a website?? Of course, she laughs at how long she waited now. It took a little work in the beginning — but it was work like writing the Free Reports that people would request, and finding
what photo to put on her site. All the really technical stuff was done for her. And now, she uses her Internet Marketing System (or IMS for short) to send out email broadcasts all the time… and it’s as easy as sending a regular email. She uses her IMS to send out her client newsletter every month, and is saving a ton of money on postage. In fact, because it doesn’t cost her anything to send her newsletter by email, she started offering it to prospects as well as clients… and ended up getting a bunch of new clients doing just that.
She also checks her “IMS stats” every now and again… just to see how many people are visiting her IMS… but she can do that with a single click of a button. Plus, once a week Sarah has her assistant check out the names of all the new people who order reports… just to make sure they were all delivered
properly, and so she can add them to her different marketing campaigns.
So, yeah, she’s doing some work with her IMS… she’s doing the MARKETING work or rather her IMS is doing the MARKETING work for her!
Plus, as a result of all this inbound marketing success, she has to handle other “annoying” tasks like making appointments with new clients, collecting their payments, opening the mail with checks and commissions, keeping the flow of clients moving smoothly through the office, etc. (It’s such a pain being forced to have to handle all this new client traffic, isn’t it?)
But notice what she’s NOT doing. Notice what you’re NOT going to be doing!
You’re NOT Handling your IMS! You’re NOT Watching The IMS!
You’re NOT Running A Computer Server! You’re NOT Trying to Write in Code! You’re NOT Spending Money On Any Of The Email Marketing To INACTIVES CLIENTS AND NEW PROSPECTS!
You’re NOT doing anything except getting the leads and a flood of new clients you never would have gotten if your personalized site wasn’t up on the Internet! Yes, the miracle of on-line marketing is working for you…without working on your on-line marketing!
See, here’s the three indisputable facts that cannot be ignored or dismissed:
  1. You HAVE to be on-line. Period. Everyone expects you to be. Over half your prospects and clients are already on-line, and the rest will be very soon! It’s the 21st Century, for crying out loud! If you’re not on-line, you’re not in business!
  2. You HAVE to be an expert at whatever it is you do! Not an expert at web sites and Internet marketing! Your time is ill spent fooling around with computers, software, servers, web site design, meta-tags, HTML coding, setting up and handling automated emails, and on and on!
  3. You HAVE to get yourself up on the web with a company that understands:

  4. a. Your emotional direct response marketing needs and systems.

  5. b. The difference between PRETEND Internet marketing (the kind 99% of web sites use that doesn’t work) and REAL Internet marketing that actually works! (Which is lead generation marketing, just like we all know is 1000 times more effective with “old economy” advertising!)
If all this is true, and it is…here’s what you need to be thinking about and understand. You need to get up on the web. But, you need to do it with a company that…
Does HELP YOU WITH EVERYTHING! You Shouldn’t Have To Know About Computers To Make Your Site Sing Like A Direct Marketing Songbird!
OK. Let’s back up for a second. I know that there wasn’t a lot of talk about the Internet for Direct Response Marketing until pretty recently. Truth is, there was a lot of skepticism…
I remember a Marketing Seminar back in 1993 that went on and on about this new fangled tool for FREE marketing… pretty much nobody there had any idea what the guy was talking about.
The story was strong, and some people paid close attention… but the talk around the bar after was a bunch of really successful marketers who simply couldn’t figure out how anyone was supposed to make this Internet thing work for making money. It was too complicated, and the hype we had all heard even made a room full of marketing gurus blush! (Which is hard to do.)
It was predicted (and agreed by all) that with the way everyone designed and built web sites, there would be many disasters, and billions of wasted dollars. Not that I’m bragging, but we were right. As you all know, the Internet has been more deadly than the trench warfare of World War I! But here I am, telling you all the reasons you need a website… and running a company that specializes in them… so what happened?
The Blind Leading The Blind!
First I tried to figure out why so many web sites tanked or failed to produce profitable results? Well, it’s pretty simple. The people making decisions and designing the sites don’t know what they’re doing! It’s literally a case of the blind leading the blind!
You’ve got inexperienced people who know less than ZERO about direct response marketing, working with technical people who know even less about getting responses, (also called the knowledge of human nature) than the idiots running the show!
See, the web is really only good for a few things. One, is tying to sell things directly off of the site like so many dot coms try to do. You may have even bought (or more likely, tried to buy) things from web sites.
Some sites do sell stuff, but most don’t. Now, I could go into a several hour rant about why these “selling” sites do so poorly, but we’ll skip my explanation for now.
Next, some sites are there for information dissemination, and want to make money from advertisers putting ads on the site. Like weather sites, or sites that provide info on specific topics. These sites allow you to get the info you want, but most don’t try to sell you anything directly.
Other sites exist to “build the brand” of a company or enterprise. They want to get their “name out there”, and think that a web site that talks all about them will create brand identity. Lots of professionals (you know, like doctors, financial consultants, real estate professionals, ummmm… and just about any other professional you can name) make this enormous mistake! They have “ego” based web sites, or offer all kinds of technical information that they think will impress people. The reality is that all this type of site does is bore people, and drive them away as fast as a finger can click a mouse! (I’ve checked out many “professionals” self done web sites…and to say they are boring and terrible, is an understatement.)
In fact, other than the lead generation sites I’ll be explaining to you in a minute, one use of web sites that works is as a way to serve existing customers. You know, like Fed-X or the Post Office letting you look up your package, or doing banking or stock trading, etc. But…this use is mostly for really giant companies, so it doesn’t translate well to a local practice. The sad truth is…
Most Web Sites Suck!
See, when you go to just about anyone’s website, the layout and format look basically the same…and, well, suck! What do I mean by suck? Well, it’s simple. They use all kinds of fancy flashy photos and banners, lots of color and moving thingies, graphics, all kinds of cool stuff. Except for one thing.
See, all that other crap doesn’t work in print, on TV or radio, in the real mail, or whatever. So if it doesn’t work in those media, why would it work on a website? The answer is that it doesn’t. That’s why I talk to people who tell me they got 11,235 “hits” in the last three hours, and “No, no ne’s bought anything, (but we sure are getting our name out there!)”
Another thing that amazes me is the boringness of most sites. I mean, how much do they pay the copywriters to put tabs for you to supposedly click on with brilliant copy like, “About Us”, or, “Services”, or the like? You know, things that look like this:
About Us Services Contact Us Site Map


Can you think of more killer copy than that? How could anyone resist clicking on the “About Us” button? What could be more compelling and irresistible? (You know I’m kidding, of course.)
Why aren’t web sites using killer advertising copy? Why aren’t they using screaming headlines, bullets and titles like:
Financial Troubles?
Don’t Sell Your Assests Yet – Here’s Why…
Click Here
Doesn’t that sound, oh, a million times more enticing and response oriented? Of course it does. Now, why do virtually ALL web sites use that boring, sterile, dry and easy to ignore copy? Who knows? I can only guess that the same idiots who do general advertising or the tech heads, or some combination make these elementary and critical errors with web site design.
Basically you have pure amateurs doing a job that is way over their head. To say they’re clueless is being nice. Really. To be honest, I really don’t know why the web is a sea of boringness, but I DO know that if you put a site up and it is boring and, well, sucks…you’re wasting your money!
Finally, some idiotic sites actually put up advertising banner ads that encourage people to click into…and leave the site! Why would anyone with a brain do that? If they come to your site…why would you want to drive them away? (By the way, statistics show that most people who click out of a site…never return!!!) Again, I’m baffled by the enormity of the stupidity these people display.
Why Do You need an Internet Marketing System Anyway?
When you think about it, FOR YOU, what is the web but a giant direct response media? It has more features than a piece of paper or a TV ad, but it is nothing more than an opportunity to either make a sale right on the spot, or generate a lead for you to follow up with.
And, since most of us know weren’t not ever going to “sell” a client on-line…THE BEST USE OF A WEB SITE FOR US IS TO GET LEADS TO FOLLOW UP WITH!
With all this talk about crummy web sites, we still have to talk about the other problem with web sites…getting the RIGHT people to your site in the first place!
See, many people think all you have to do is get a web site set up, and people will somehow, magically come to it. Well, they are dead wrong about that too! Unlike the old proverb… Just cause you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come! If you have a great site, or even one that sucks… if no one comes to it, it doesn’t matter what the site says or does!
Just like running an ad on a TV station no one watches, a web site that doesn’t get people driven to it is totally worthless! Period. And, if you do get traffic to your site…if they are not legitimate prospects for your services…why get them there at all? You only want HOT prospects coming to your site, right?
So, with all that said, the obvious question is: Should you have a web site to market your business?
Well, my answer is a resounding YES…as long as the site is marketed and built correctly! (I’ll explain what that means in a second.) In other words we need an Internet Marketing System!
See, the compelling reasons to have an IMS are:
  1. People expect professionals, and that’s ALL professionals, to have a web presence. It’s a real 21st Century kind of thing.
  2. People are out on the web. If they want to check out a business to help them with their, well their anything, they can find you, and actually become a client as a result! (If done correctly!)
How Do You Get An
Internet Marking System?
The zillions of pitches I get for Internet marketing never answer the problems I just told you about. In fact, I was contacted by one of a Marketing Trade Publication who sponsors a dirt cheap site that can be personalized. I looked at it, and well, their site sucks. Why? Well, for starters, they have links off the site. As I said, I HATE links.
But, these links not only take people off the site…but actually take them to PROFESSIONAL ONLY information site! I couldn’t believe it! They have links that pop up headlines like, “Click Here To Double Your Profits By Raising Your Costs!”, and so on. (These are ads for management
Would YOU want a prospect to be reading THAT? Plus, if that wasn’t bad enough, the sites have ads for products. (THAT’S how they get the sites done so cheaply.) Do you want products that you probably don’t sell, being pitched on your site when you haven’t even met the prospect yet? I think that is very unprofessional.
And, the copy on the site sucked, the info on the site was boring and technical, and on and on and on.
Bottom line…you get what you pay for.
So, What About Setting Up An
Internet Marketing System Yourself?
Let’s look at some options you have regarding marketing on-line.
First, you can do nothing; just sit back while your competitors establish well trafficked sites, while you watch like a puppy, in vain, on the side lines. Up until now, a lot of marketers have been recommending this “wait and see” attitude, but that time has come and gone for sure! This is not a good choice now, and will become a worse choice in the future. This is definitely a first come, first served type of deal!
Next, you can try to set this up be yourself because you are semi, to totally computer literate. You know what an HTML thing is, and that you understand how programming in CGI or PERL works, and so on. Well, I have two comments for you if you’re thinking about doing this on your own:
  1. If you’ve got nothing better to do than play around for hundreds of hours learning this new and constantly changing programming operation, you’re in the wrong business!
    If you save a few bucks a month by doing it yourself, and spend 10-20 hours a month doing this rather boring and geeky type of work… your opportunity cost is adequately measured in the tens of thousands of dollars a month! You should be worth at least $200 an HOUR dealing with clients and running your business!

  2. So if you screw around with this and save a couple hundred bucks a month, your costing yourself $10,000 or more in lost opportunity income! This is a big mistake!
  3. This stuff ain’t that easy. Did you know that if you make one little mistake in the code you use to program a page, you could blow that whole page as being rendered useless? And if you make a mistake… and you will, how long will you mess around ’til three in the morning trying to figure it out? If you ask me, I think anyone who would try to do this on their own, and expect to make $100,000 or more a year (or a month) cannot be wasting time fooling around with this stuff! It is insanity!
OK. The next option is to use any one of the 4,097,665 Internet geniuses who supposedly “know” how to put up sites. Being in the business and wanting to know what’s what, I’ve looked at many of them, and seen many, many sites they do that really blow. I mean, they are pathetic. Plus, these “mall” guys and other so-called Internet consultants charge anywhere from $2,995 and up for getting a truly interactive site.
To get your own raw page on a uniquely named server, companies like AOL and UUNet charge a minimum of $200-300 per month…without any programming charges or change fees included! What would you do with a raw page of nothing for $300 a month?
You’d have to hire a programmer at $150-200 and hour, and pay them a few grand just to get the site set up, and another $1,000 to get a response form opened up. So to get the same type of set-up as one of our AMS sites, you’d spend $5,000 or so to get it up, another $1,000 to open up the automated, interactive response form…and $300-500 for changing anything, like putting up your current newsletter. (And no, I’m not just saying that… the time and money we put into development was huge… and it’s taken us well over a year to get where we are — and that’s with a full time IT Development team working on it. If you think I’m joking, go check it out for yourself).
Plus, you have little intelligent help at the customer service end. Most customer service people at these web companies are poor at best. If you pay a low fee like $50-100 per month just for the raw space, your chances of getting a human with any level of intelligence is next to none.
To get a place that you can get real help and answers, as well as talk to someone who actually knows about your site and its content, normally puts you in the $500 per month just for the minimum monthly fee! (No programming included!)
Now this discussion has been just about programming. What about content consultation? Programmers only program what someone else has designed. Now, we’re not likely to design your entire site for you… but with AMS you’ll work with a consultant in the beginning to design a site and figure out how the copy should flow… and these aren’t technical consultants (although they know how to work your site)… these are Customer Service Consultants who deal with nothing but Direct Response Marketers all day long!! They get the whole “response mechanism, lead generation” thing… and they know how to make it work on line. You are getting FIRST RATE direct marketing design, that is actually better, faster, less cluttered, easier to navigate and so on…than designers who charge $5,000 and up! (One top consultant charges $50,000 for
site design, and he wouldn’t know direct response if it jumped up and bit him on the butt!)
If that wasn’t bad enough, the sites that result from a professional collaborating with a web site designer/host are really bad news. They are boring, try to do the wrong things, are dry and institutional, etc. Of course, you could use a canned $29 web program, or hire your babysitter, but we know how that’s going to turn
“Your Own” Internet Marketing System That Actually Works!
Here’s the good news! I finally took matters into my own hands (well, AMS finally took things into their own hands), because too many of you were desperate to get a site up. After lots of research, I realized I needed to work with a group of direct marketing specialists and create a state-of-the-art electronic, automated
communications/marketing website. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.
However, after more than a year of collaborating, researching, designing, redesigning, we’ve created a true Internet Marketing System.
See… at AMS we totally understand what “your kind” of marketing is, why it works…and best of all, how to build and get people to web sites that are EXACTLY right for Direct Response Marketing professionals.
We’ve already done it for a bunch of professions — like Chiropractors, Realtors and Restaurant Owners.
Believe me when I tell you we know our stuff. I know, because I talk with clients everyday who are finally making money off the Internet.
Here’s What Your Personalized
Internet Marketing System Will Do For You!
You know the formula for making money with advertising:
  1. Get the right people’s attention, and
  2. Get them to respond!
So here’s what we’ve come up with. First of all, the site’s home page isn’t like other home pages you’re used to. It’s very simple but looks very good (and, yes, it’s very professional). And it’s designed to OFFER FREE INFORMATION AND YOUR DIRECT RESPONSE NEWSLETTER!
That’s it (or at least, that’s all we recommend).
We’ll put up YOUR picture and contact info, so everyone will know it’s YOUR site. And we’ll put up your copy… which again we suggest offers FREE INFORMATION. When a prospect clicks into the free info offer, we suggest you put up the same kind of ads you use for print and direct mail, and we’ll format it for a web page! And then, if the prospect is interested in what you have to offer, we’ll give you a mechanism for them to request that information… and leave you a trail to follow up with. They then get the free info (the same free reports you’d use for any marketing) via email or regular mail!
Then, if they requested the info via email, our websites will send it out automatically without you doing anything. You’ll know if they ask for the free info via email or regular mail, and you’ll be given their contact info.
If they request the free report through email, you can set it up so they get your monthly Patient Newsletter in a snap, with only a few minutes of time and a couple of clicks on the mouse each month!
If they choose to ask for the info through regular mail, you’ll just send it to them, and follow up with more regular mail! Either way…the objective of capturing an interested, targeted lead has been accomplished, so the site is doing ALL it’s supposed to do! Which is…get you leads who want help!
So, with all that said, here are 22 of the benefits of getting one of AMS’s personalized, automated Internet Marketing Systems up right now:
  1. Puts you on the internet… which is simply not optional any more! Not being on-line is getting to be about the same as not have a fax machine.
  2. Automated you follow up process with Email broadcasting…. Which has NO HARD COST! NONE!
  3. Provides sound consultation when deciding on content and design (and we’ve done this a few times before) and then will take care of putting the content and necessary response mechanisms together for you in an incredibly short turn-around time.
  4. Easy to use… You can be a real computer rookie and make a fortune with one of our Direct Response Websites.
  5. Uses proved direct response marketing techniques that work just as good on-line as they do off-line!
  6. Provides a non-threatening environment for consumers to gather information, and multiple ways for them to get the free information and to identify themselves to you!
  7. There’s very little effort required on your part. I won’t say know… you’ll have to do some stuff, like write your newsletter (which you should already be doing) and add it to your site (about 5 seconds work), write a short little email message (I’ll give you a full 2 minutes for that) and RESTO…everyone in your website contact list will be emailed with the click of a button.
  8. Instant credibility! You simply need a “web presence” if you want to be seen as a professional. To not have one is proof that you’re outdated and not willing to invest in your business.
  9. Provides one more avenue for people to gather information about your services and to contact you. (And we all know giving people as many choices as possible is the key!!)
  10. There is NO TECHNICAL, WEBSITE MAINTENANCE needed on your part. Our staff is there… watching your site like it’s one of our babies (which it is).
  11. Provides the perfect vehicle for building and strengthening 2 way relationships with your prospects and clients.
  12. Is exactly suited to provide a non-threatening and easy way for consumers to get information without being hassled by a “salesperson”.
  13. Attracts a new market of prospects… web surfers, because you’re offering the information they want, in the way they want.
  14. Changes and tweaks are easily done… either by us or by YOU… through our “for non-computer people” special web tool that gives even a computer rookie the power to make changes to their site.
  15. Pre-screen’s and pre-qualifies prospects… appealing to those who want the benefits you can deliver and gets them to identify themselves to you! (People who may have never found you if you weren’t on line).
  16. Leverages you with technology!
  17. Uses built-in response mechanisms, so when prospects request information it’s sent out via email…automatically, without you doing anything. Plus… with just a few minutes of time and a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your monthly newsletter sent out to all your on-line prospects and clients FREE!!
  18. Gives you statistical reports on your web site activity… quickly and easily, presented so you can tell what’s working and what not without needing a degree in computer science from Stanford or MIT.
  19. Gives you a place to put testimonials (if you’re allowed to use them of course) and a great vehicle to get referrals from satisfied clients.
  20. Gives you a free email account set up on your domain name… to add to the perception of professionalism and provide an easy to remember way for clients to get in touch with you (surely sarah@.comis easier to remember that 510-555-1234).
  21. Gives you world-wide, 24/7 access to your email… where ever and whenever you want to check it.
  22. Teaches you how to market your site — both on-line and off — with a special Website Marketing Guide created specifically for AMS clients in conjunction with some of North America’s top marketing gurus.
Prospects Come To Your IMS,
As If Guided There!
Here’s the next part of the web marketing equation. Marketing to get people to your IMS.
As we mentioned earlier… you can have the best site in the world… you can even have an AMS Internet Marketing System… but if you don’t drive people there, it doesn’t matter.
Now, there have been different “brainstorms” on how to generate on-line traffic… search engines, banner ads, links from other sites. But most of these on-line methods are… really, really, really EXPENSIVE. And they don’t usually generate enough traffic to warrant the cost.
But there are methods… proven methods to get traffic… and that’s viable qualified traffic, not some kid surfing the net in Australia, to your site. These methods use both on-line and off-line techniques that make sense, and work!!
There are many, many ways to promote your web site both on-line and off-line, that we’ll reveal to you in the IMS Kit.
As a FREE bonus, you’ll get this complete, up-to-date marketing checklist/guide from AMS that’ll teach you how to use the IMS in conjunction with all your marketing.
You’ll be shown a bunch of offline ways to drive people to your site without any extra work! Do you love this, or what? A full blown, IMS that drives people to it…and delivers leads to you without a single stitch of work or effort! So, to sum it up…
Being online isn’t really optional these days!
Doing it yourself makes no sense, and outsourcing it to folks who wouldn’t know direct marketing if it slapped them in the face, besides being outrageously priced is not an option! Doing it with us at AMS is your only legitimate option!
Where else are you going to get a site set up that flows perfectly with everything you’ve been taught about direct response marketing, with customer service who understands both websites and marketing?? And how else are you going to get a real direct response, Internet Marketing System without you having to know, or do,
If you wait, you risk being buried under all the competition who got in first, and you’ll pay more when you do decide to hop online with your own site!
So stop waiting to join the latest and most important trend in Direct Response Marketing… call us today at 1-800- 858-8889 to get yourself set-up and on-line!
Here’s to your marketing success,

Mike Kowalski
Automated Marketing Solutions.